Friday, December 24, 2010

~E-an are my Future~

When u grow up

Dedi say' Invent cool thing....

Mummy say be strong and brave (heart)

Make People around you happy

Protect Ur Family (People) like a Superman

E-an Mummy & Dedi Love u so muchhh..... be a good person (when u grow up) Ok.


SweetStrawberry said...

insyaallah kak rif....E-an will be a good person in future....:)wish him the best in everything he do n choose to be k.....aminnnnn :D oohhhh nie kak rif nya Superman yer....sweeeetttttt :)

~Rifma~ said...

mija kak rif baru pasan comment ni, hikhik yuip yup ma superman..... amin amin harap2 e-an jadi anak yang soleh, baik n etc